"This was by far one of the best investments we made for our wedding!"

- Carly & Tom Ley

"I cannot even begin to tell you the joy and delight that you brought us through the fabulous fabulous fabulous work that you did on this video. I saw emotions on my face that I feel every day for this man. We just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you thanks so much for the fine work that you did. You created an absolute masterpiece of a memory for us."

- Marcy & Brian Dukery

"Zack did an amazing job with our wedding video! He made the whole process so easy for us and we are in love with the final product! Thanks so much for giving us the perfect way to relive our wedding day over and over again. Chris and I would highly recommend Zack and Memories Wedding Videography."

- Kara & Chris Cartwright

"Zack was excellent to work with for our wedding. He made the process from start to finish super easy and enjoyable. We appreciated how we was able to blend into the background on the wedding day and still emerge with such an awesome video. His created the perfect video and matched it well with music. My wife and I highly recommend Memories and can't wait to work with Zack again."

- Julene & Chris Weidman 

"Zack did an amazing job on our wedding video! He is so easy to work with and captures every single detail of your day! Highly recommend to anyone who needs a videographer!"

- Briona & Jeremy Pollick

"AJ and I were absolutely THRILLED with Zack! He was great to work with and our wedding video is perfect. Honestly, I forgot he was there during the wedding and the reception! He was really good at capturing all of the special moments while staying out of the way. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a videographer!"

- Sarah & AJ Palazzi

"I highly recommend Memories Wedding Videography to be your videographer for your special event. We hired Zack to film a religious ceremony for our daughter and then a big party that evening. He was extremely professional and reliable to work with. He was everywhere we wanted him to be without being annoying or in the way. Furthermore, his professionalism was outstanding. He was always very responsive to emails and questions. The final product of the video was AMAZING! Thanks to Zack we have a video that will help us to relive an amazing day!" 

- Kelly Fragin

"Zack did an amazing job on our wedding day! He directed us with exactly what we needed to do and was so friendly and nice : ) If anyone is looking for a videographer on their wedding day, we highly recommend Zack to capture the footage of your special day!"

-  Kayla & Brent Shook

"Absolutely amazing! Zack worked wonderfully with our photographer and dj and helped make our day so much more memorable. Our video turned out beautiful and it captured the best moments! Highly recommended."

- Casey & Shaun Hormanski

"We are so thrilled with how our wedding video turned out!! Zack did a beautiful job capturing the day and was a pleasure to work with! Very reasonable prices and high quality work. We highly recommend him!!"

- Teresa and Rudy Fusco

"Wow! Such a wonderful job! I highly recommend this to be your top priority when planning a wedding! Memories Wedding Videography is top notch. I would have paid double had I known the feelings it would relive!!"
- Stacie Hickman

"We cannot thank you enough for all your hard work. We were blown away with the end results, seriously I cannot sing your praises enough! When I started planning our wedding and booking all our vendors I never thought about a videographer, it actually wasn't until I went to a bridal showcase in January of this year that one of my bridesmaids mentioned to me the importance of having one.  After watching our video and being able to experience our special day all over again, I can't believe I almost missed having this video and the special memories it brings! It makes me nervous to think I waited until February of this year to book you and ran the risk of you already being booked! You did such an incredible job, I watched a lot of different videos while searching for a videographer back in January and February and I was drawn to you because of your work but this truly went above and beyond all of my expectations! I will highly recommend you to anyone I know getting married and in need of a videographer, I truly believe the quality of your work can't be beat!"  
- Courtney & Travis Buffy

"We were so pleased with Memories Videography. They were so kind and professional. My husband and I absolutely loved our wedding video!"
- Kylynne & Rick Dixon

"Zack did an AMAZING job capturing our wedding! He was professional and fun, and the video could not be more perfect. The DVD cover he made was also very beautiful! Overall experience was perfect and we were able to communicate with him easily before and after the wedding. We are so happy with our wedding video! I highly highly highly recommend Memories Wedding Videography!"

- Alexa & Mark Andrisek

"You beautifully captured everything and it was so nice to be able to see little details we missed during the whirlwind of the day. We will definitely be recommending your company to friends and family! Thank you for the wonderful work! We are thrilled."

- Katie & Nick Fornicola

"We absolutely loved the video!! It was amazing to be able to see all the things we missed throughout the day and be able to relive that special day. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. We couldn't have picked a better videographer!!”

- Mindy & Marcus Angello

"Zack did an amazing job capturing all of the little moments that we won't ever have to forget! We loved his choice of music and appreciated his patience with such a large wedding party. The video was great! We watched it after we had our valentines dinner, it was a perfect ending to our day."

- Tabatha & Tony Stover

"Zack did an amazing job with our wedding video! He did a wonderful job with music. It is so nice that we were able to watch the video and see things that we missed. I feel like we missed so many things with all of the running around!"

- Natasha & Joshua Peters

"The video was amazing and everyone that saw it loved it! It made me feel like I was back at my wedding day which was great! Thanks again for everything!"

- Ashley & Justin Cogan

"Memories did a 10 out of 5 on my wedding video! Pictures are wonderful, but nothing can compare to seeing and hearing your wedding day! No one recorded our first kiss, no one recorded my maid of honor speech, but Memories did! If I had not had Memories there I never would be able to see or hear those moments again! That's why it's so important to have a videographer. It allowed me to see my husband getting ready and Memories caught several moments I missed! They were flexible when I asked them to incorporate drone footage without hesitation. They were punctual about video return. It's a good thing, because I couldn't wait to see it! They do wonderful work and I hope they are available to do your wedding!" 

- Jerrica & Sloan Clingerman

"Zack did amazing work on our wedding video, we couldn't be happier! The highlight and full length videos make us tear up every time! Great to work with. Thank you again for capturing the best day from start to finish!"

- Janel & Ethan Rosenthall

"Thank you so much!!! We loved every second of our video!!! Best movie I've ever watched :)"

- Whitney & Doug Simmons

"Zack and his team were great to work with! We hired him to shoot our wedding back in June, and we were not disappointed.  From the moment we hired him, Zack was always available to discuss the wedding details.  Talking with Zack really helped us to finalize our wedding itinerary to ensure an even and logical flow.  They took great shots throughout the day, and ensured that the moments we wanted we captured.  The final video was a great way to relive our wedding day, and see some of the moments that we may have missed! We truly enjoyed working with Zack and would definitely work with him again."

- Jamie & Vince Sciandra

"Just got our wedding video and loved every second of it! Zack did an awesome job and I will recommend him to everyone!"

- Nicole & Steve Martynuska

"Zack captured everything, including moments my photographer missed. I would recommend him for any wedding :) Thanks Zack!! So personal and on the ball!!!"

- Lindsay & Luke Martsolf

"This was by far one of the best investments we made for our wedding. I knew this video would catch things we would miss as well as not remember because no matter how prepared you are - your wedding day is a whirlwind! The video shows some of the best moments from such an amazing day. Thank you so much to Zack at Memories Videography for doing such an amazing job on the video of our wedding and the highlight video. Please reach out to him if you are interested, I promise you won't be disappointed."

- Carly & Tom Ley

"We loved our video! It captured our day perfectly and turned out amazing!! We couldn't have asked for a better way to remember our wedding day. Thank you so much for all your hard work."

- Lara & Garrett Imes

"I just wanted to thank you so much for everything.  We watched the videos and they are absolutely wonderful.  You did such an amazing job."

- Megan & Ronnie Schall

"We love the wedding video!! We have watched it a few times already!!! I don't even remember some of the video you took because things moved so quickly. Thank you so much for capturing our special day and giving us the memory for years to come! We really appreciate it!"

- Shauna & Ryan Baranik

"You really captured all of those special moments and emotions and I loved that you even got all the little details! Absolutely fabulous! We can't thank you enough!"

- Chelsea & Adam Link

"We absolutely LOVED our wedding DVD. Zack did an amazing job and was so easy to work with! We would highly recommend using Memories Wedding Videography!"

- Meghan & Brad Kissell

"Thank you so much! We both thought the video was awesome, we love the music that you chose, the editing, everything. We both agreed you did an amazing job and we really appreciate it! We can't thank you enough, you captured our wedding day perfectly and we're so happy we'll have the DVD's to keep forever."

- Amanda & Dane Kelsey

"We just finished the wedding video and couldn't be more happy with everything!! What a wonderful way to re-live our day all over again. Thank you so much!! We are so grateful that you were a part of our special day!"

- Rachel & David DeCoskey

"Zack, you did such an incredible job!! We love our video!! You were so easy and great to work with!! If anyone is looking for a professional videographer that knows what to do, when, and how then you need to hire Memories Wedding Videography!"

- Diane & Jim Trick

"Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. It was truly the best day of our lives and we loved every minute of it! Thank you for continually working with us and helping us create personalized touches, an amazing video, and truly unforgettable memories. We have already watched the video multiple times and love it even more with each viewing. We love the special touches you added and how you captured all the little details of the day! It's definitely a video we will always cherish."

- Kari & Dan Hostler

"Zack did a phenomenal job filming our entire day. I was so glad we had him, because so many little details would have been forgotten without his video, such as the beautiful speech my Matron of Honor gave. I recommend him to all my friends and clients!"

- Susan & Fred Cashner

"Zack, the video you did was wonderful. Everything I wanted you to capture you did and the music selections were perfect. Will recommend you to all my friends for future events."

- Sherry & Kevin Foster

"SO HAPPY with how my wedding video turned out! It was absolutely amazing and you captured everything. I love it and everyone I show it to says how amazing it is. Thank you so much!! (:"

 - Rachael & Graham Lockard

"Heck of a job! We were very impressed with your work. (And Phylicia loves it, so happy wife = happy life). We laughed a lot during the reception and didn't want the video to end. Great work and we'll be recommending you if anyone needs videography services in the area."  

- Phylicia & A.J. George

"Zack, you sir, outdid yourself!! Jeff and I laughed and cried while watching the wonderful moments you captured from our wedding day. Your attention to detail and film edits were more than we could ask for. Our day will always be alive and for that we are grateful. If anyone is looking for their wedding day to last forever, look no further than Memories Wedding Videography!!!"

- Rebecca & Jeff Stevens

"We just received the DVD's today and watched the video. It's wonderful! Zack did an awesome job and we really appreciate it!! Thank you so much Memories!!"

- Richele & Wes Sigel

"Thank you so much for the amazing video. Your editing is awesome and it's everything we wanted and more!!!! We will definitely be referring our friends and family to you!! You did an awesome job!"

- Elizabeth & Ryan Fogal

"Zack did our wedding video at Rehoboth Beach. My wife and I just got our video and it's gorgeous. It captures everything we wanted beautifully and the music made the video so memorable. Very professional, I highly recommend!"

- David & Courtney Alianiello

"Zack we loved the video! Every moment of it. Thank you so much, we will be recommending you to anyone we know who is getting married."

- Jessica & Chris Zorger

"We got the video and we loved it! Thank you so much for making it for us. You did a great job! I will definitely refer you to all my engaged friends :) Thanks again!!"

- Kim & Jarrod Lester

"Thank you so much, we love getting to watch our special day all over again. Everything about it was perfect, I only wish there was more more more! Haha I wish it was like 5 hours long!"

- Emily & Jesse Reed

"My wife and I really enjoyed working with Memories Wedding Videography for our wedding. They were super nice and easy to work with. They have the experience and skills to shoot your wedding at all the right angles and to capture those precious moments. They scouted the venue a few days in advance to get a sense of the location and to plan their shots. Also they listened, took my direction on additional shots, and were respectful of our church and our priest. I have an art production background and was happy that Memories Wedding Videography were able to provide the type of files and technology that I requested. For our wedding, I wanted it to be shot in HD with two cameras at different angles. One captured our ceremony from a balcony and another that caught all of the closeups. In addition they filmed all the right and important moments of our reception. As part of our package, I asked Memories to give us their edited version of our wedding which included the shots from both cameras which were presented beautifully on a Blu-ray and DVD. We had two copies each that we could share with our families. I also requested the raw HD files that I could keep and maybe make my own compilation in the future. Memories Wedding Videography were great and they will work with you to provide the quality service that you need. My wife and I re-watch our wedding and reception almost every year on our anniversary and are so thankful that we have those memories captured. "

- Lauren & Chris Bowser

"Okhtay and I wanted to thank you so much for capturing the best day of our lives. We watched the DVD minutes after we got it in the mail and a few times since then with friends. Everyone who has seen it has really enjoyed it. You did a very good job editing the video. Especially the music that you've used amazed us. We also loved the cover photo and the storyline. It brought tears to our eyes."

- Shirin & Okhtay Azarmadesh

"Where do I even begin to thank you for one of the most amazing and wonderful memories of my entire life. Jonathan and I love our wedding video and had an unforgettable experience reliving our wedding day together. You captured every aspect of our big day in such detail and for this I am grateful. We have been so busy showing all of our family and friends your out of this world video of our wedding. I started to write this email multiple times and just couldn't put into words how extremely happy you have made us. You went above and beyond any expectations that we had. You are very talented and I will be recommending you highly to all that I know. Thank you so so much for all of your hard work, your time, and talent. Our wedding video will be something that we will always cherish and treasure for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much for everything."

- Lindsey & Jonathan Despot

"We LOVE our video, thank you so much! Everything about it was perfect. You did a great job Zack!"

- Fawne & Matt Ballos

"We just got our wedding video back from Memories and we could not be happier! It was so nice to look back on the day and Zack captured all the moments so well. I would recommend Memories Videography to any couple planning their wedding!"

- Bekah & Greg Kanski